About Me:

Artist's Statement:

Picture of me, Hendrika.

I am always creating something.  I was born to be an artist and to incorporate art into my world in as many creative ways as I can.


I have a talent for drawing and recreating what I see in the physical world and in my own imagination; and I apply my style into the finished result with either ink or graphite or whatever other physical or digital media I choose.


If I’m not physically drawing and creating art, then I’m doing it digitally; and often times I do both together.  I truly enjoy taking something I've hand-made and seeing how far I can take it digitally.

A photo of me working with ink on a hand-drawn map of a province in China for my Red Thread Maps website.


My Inspiration:


In 2004, I began ‘Henimage’ with artwork catering to adoptive and multicultural families, having been inspired by my twin daughters adopted from China.


In 2005, I created a map of my daughters' birth province in China; ultimately resulting in my branching out to create ‘Red Thread Maps’, to further help connect adopted children to their birth country.  I continue to expand and work on maps and create unique designs...

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I am currently a full-time student of art; working toward my Bachelor’s of Fine Art degree as I continue with my other projects and freelance business.


I have taken a multitude of art and design courses at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C.; and am currently enrolled in a degree program at Harford Community College in Maryland with a double major of fine art and graphic design.


Skills & Tools:

My Art Studio:
Orphanage location map of Guangdong province in China.  This is available at my RedThreadMaps website.

I work with the latest and greatest design tools and software to help bring my clients and customers the best quality art and design.  I keep my skills current and am always learning new ways of creating beautiful artwork.


With over 18 years of experience with Adobe Photoshop, I now use the Adobe Creative Cloud full software suite for my digital work, so I always have the latest technology at my fingertips.  I designed this website using the new Adobe Muse.


I work on an iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad, and Wacom pro tablet.  I love gadgets!

Image of door opening up to my Art Studio, with a little peek inside.  Click this link to see more of my studio.

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